Pendulum will not swing

1. Is the time train weight chain properly looped around the sprocket wheel ? Your cuckoo clock time train is composed of a set of wheels which gear into each other, providng the power necessary to operate the pendulum. The weight is hooked onto a chain, which enters a hole in the bottom of the cuckoo clock, then loops around the sprocket wheel, then exits another hole. Check and make sure the chain is properly looped around the first wheel sprocket by slowly pulling up the weight. If the chain is correctly engaged which the sprocket wheel, you will hear a clicking sound as you pull the weight up. If it’s off the sprocket, the chain will be difficult to pull, you will not hear a clicking sound, and the weight will rapidly fall when you release the chain. Cuckoo clock repair tip: If the weight chain has fallen off the wheel sprocket, you can repair the problem by removing the cuckoo clock movement, then looping the chain back onto the wheel sprocket before reinstalling the movement. Cuckoo clock repair secret: You can also solve the problem by taking the back cover off your cuckoo clock, turn the cuckoo clock upside down, grab hold of both chains, and while looking at the sprocket wheel, dangle the chain loop around the wheel, then pull both ends of the chain, causing the chain to firmly wrap around the sprocket. While holding the chains firmly at the base of the cuckoo clock case, upright the clock. This takes some degree of dexterity and patience, but if your sucessful, it will be a lot faster then the first method.

2. Is the time train weight chain free of all obstructions?
The pendulum of your cuckoo clock needs a certain amount of power to operate properly and that power is supplied by a chain suspended weight. Obstructions that interfere with the downward movement of either the chain or weight can cause a reduction in power and result in pendulum swing failure. The wooden cases of cuckoo clocks frequently become warped with age, so it would be a good idea to check and make sure the chain that the weight is attached to is not rubbing against the side of the cuckoo clock chain hole, located at the bottom of the clock case. Cuckoo clock repair tip: You can correct the problem by removing the chain from the hole and drilling it out a little larger so as to allow the free fall of the chain. In addition, always look for obvious and the not so obvious obstructions which could interfere with the falling of the weight such as picture frames, the backs of tables, chairs, etc., that could block the fall of the time train weight.