Weights refuse to fall

1.Your grandfather clock weights power your grandfather clock. The weight on the right powers the chimes, the weight on the left powers the hour strike and the center weight powers the time and pendulum (which regulates the time shown by the hour and minute hands.) On each swing of the pendulum, the pendulum weight drops slightly. When the minute hand reaches the quarter hour, the clock chimes, and the right hand weight drops. And finally, on the top of the hour, the chimes play, the right hand weight drops slightly, then a lever is tripped, the clock strikes the correct hour, resulting in the left weight dropping.

2. No weights drop. Every quarter hour, the time train causes the chimes to strike, which in turn triggers the left strike weight to fall at the top of the hour. So it follows that if the time train center pendulum weight will not drop, then the chime and strike weights won’t drop either. The first thing you need to do is get the pendulum swinging again. For help in this type of grandfather clock repair read the “Pendulum stops swinging. 

3. The right and Left weights refuse to drop. Here, the pendulum is swinging and the clock hands are moving, but the chime is not operating. And as shown above, if the chime is not operating, the strike will not operate either! First thing to check is whether the chime lever on the grandfather dial is properly centered over a chime and not in the “off” position. Next, take off the side panel of your grandfather clock and check to make certain that the steel chime retard bar has not been lowered onto the chime hammers, causing the chimes not to operate.

4. The left weight will not drop. Here, both the time and quarter hour chimes are operating, but the hour strike is not. On this type of grandfather clock repair, open the side panel and check to make certain that the steel retard bar has not been lowered onto the strike hammers causing them not to operate, and that the hammers are operating freely. Next, check and make sure that the trip lever from the chimes is operating properly and releasing the strike train.