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Clock Oil Kit keeps your clock in good working order!

When all else fails and you need to find a clock repair shop to repair your clock.

Need to replace a worn out or missing clock part? Listed are the major supply houses where clock repair professionals buy their clock parts.

If you really want to get into clock repair, as a hobby or professionally, why not join a horological organization?

Learn clock repair from Bob Tascisone’s professionally produced instructional video’s.

See how different clock escapements work in motion! Visit Mark Headrick’s fascinating graphic animations of the Graham, Brocot, recoil, pinwheel, gravity, and grasshopper escapements. Worth the long download wait.

The clock dealers little secret! Find out why they’re afraid to tell you the truth about the clocks they sell and why it will cost you unnecessary $$$ in clock repair expenses after you get your clock home!

Does your clock have a broken mainspring? Many mechanical clocks have movements manufactured by Hermle which allow for easy replacement!

Tom Mister has a wide selection of used clock repair tools, with photos and prices.

Everything you wanted to know about repairing Atmos and Anniversary clocks from Mike Murray.

Barrie’s Virtual Museum of Clocks has a collection of over 200 pictures of interesting wall, mantel and grandfather clocks. Pictures of time recorders, a pigeon clock, master clocks, electric clocks and oddments of horological interest.

Mayfield Books is a specialist horological publisher with titles on clock theory, books on different types of clocks, and interesting historical books on clockmakers and watchmakers of England.

Want to see some clock repair horror photographs? An Italian Clockmaker reveals amazing photographs of butchered clock movements that have entered his shop for clock repair! And be sure to enter the clock repair Chambers of Horrors!

Clocks and Time is a treasure trove of links to web sites around the world related to horology and clock repair. If you can’t find your subject here, it probably isn’t related to horology!

See the chronometer, made in 1769, that Captain Cook used to navigate the South Seas, as well as the four famous timepieces John Harrison spent a lifetime creating, eventually solving the maritime longitude problem in the The National Maritime Museum, London, England.

WatchDoc has a selection of vintage and antique watches, clocks, tools, books, used parts, and military timepieces.


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